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Gen11:31,32;Gen12:6,7; 16:4­21:14 Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael. (God sets up an unsolvable problem)
2Ki17:7,12–14; 2Ki18:11; Hos9:17 app 721BC Israel destroyed
Jere19:13;15; Dan1:1; 2Ki25:2,3; 2Chr36:19 app 135 yrs later Judah destroyed
Lk1:63 John the Baptist born
Lk2:11; Jn1:1,14; 1Jn4:2,3; 2Jn1:7 Jesus born. Jesus Christ is come in the flesh
Lk 3:21 app age 30 Jesus baptized, fasted, ministry began
app 3½ yrs Ministry lasted app 3½ yrs
Lk 23:46 Jesus crucified
Lk 24:3 3 days aft crucifix. Jesus rose from the dead
Lk 24:51 40 days aft Resurrec. Jesus ascended up to heaven. The Holy Spirit came
Mk16:19 Jesus sits on the right hand of God the Father
Lev23:16; Ac2:1 50 days aft Resurrec. Pentecost or Weeks (Shavu’ot)
Rev 2:1­7 Pentecost­app 160AD Church 1. Ephesus
Mt 24:2 app 70AD Temple destroyed
Rev 2:8­11 app 160­313 Church 2. Smyrna
Rev 2:12­17 app 313­606 Church 3. Pergamos
Rev 2:18­29 app 606­current Church 4. Thyatira. Jezebel
Rev 3:1­6 app 1517-current Church 5. Sardis
Rev 3:7­13 app 1750­current Church 6. Philadelphia. Best church
Isa66:8,9; 45:5,6; 43:5,6,8; Mic5:3; Ez38:8,12; 37:21,22 May 14, 1948 Israel reborn. Latter days of the end times begins
Many Scriptures 1948 to the Rapture 365 prophecies from 1948 to the Rapture to be fulfilled
Rev3:14­22 1948 to the Rapture Church 7. Laodicea. Worst church ever. Most lukewarm
All lukewarm will be spit out, unless they repent
Rev3:14­22; Mt25:5; 2Tim4:3; Jere23:20-32 Little teaching on repentance, obedience, hell, judgments, prophe
Rev4:1; Lk21:28; Mt 24; Mk13 1948 to the Rapture When these things begin to come to pass, redemption draws near
    (Some of these prophecies include: See below)
Mt24:37­39,44; 1Pe3:20; Lk17:26-29; 2Pe3:4,5 1948 to the Rapture Nearly 100% of the world would not believe the Rapture and Tribulation are imminent
Dan2:40­45; 7:7,19,23;9:26; Rev13:1; 17:10,12,18; 18:3,11 now fulfilled Economic alliance where the Roman empire was (EEC or EU)
Dan11:44; Ez39:6; 38:22; Rev6:3,4; Zech14:8,12; Mt24:22 now fulfilled There would be weapons that could destroy all life on earth
Rev17:1­6; 18:1­10 now fulfilled There would be a worldwide church headquartered in Rome
Ezek38:1­4,14­16 now fulfilled There would be a great military power where Russia is today
Rev16:12; 9:16 now fulfilled A country where China is could field an army of 200,000,000
Mt24:7; Lk21:7 now fulfilled Various new diseases would appear
Lk17:28; Gen19:1­14 now fulfilled Many have alternate life styles. This is accepted as normal
Lk17:25­30; Gen19:1­4; Lk21:12,16 now being fulfilled For followers of Jesus, freedoms disappearing
Heb12:25-27; 2Thes2:3; Dan8:23 now being fulfilled Last 3 prophecies of the 365 being fulfilled now
Rev4:1; 1Thes5:15­18; 1Cor15:44­54 (Feast of Trumpets) very very soon TRANSLATION (of born again Christians who are ready-few)
Rev5:10 very very soon Saints in heaven before the throne of God
Rev6:1,2; 2Thes2:3,6,8; Dan8:23;7:24;9:26;Jn9:43;Gen3: very very soon Man of sin comes forth (the Antichrist)
Dan9:27; 1Thes5:3; Isa28:20 Tribulation begins Antichrist confirms covenant with Israel & others
Mt24:22; Mk13:20; Ro9:28 Trib pt 1­1260 days, but Lord has shortened those days
Ez38,39 Tribulation pt 1 Russian-Arab invasion of Israel (WW3)
Ez38:18,19,21,22; 39:2,5,8 Tribulation pt 1 God defends Israel. 5/6 of invasion forces die
Dan11:44; Ez39:6 Tribulation pt 1 Much of Russia being destroyed. Much of US may be destroyed
Rev8:7 Tribulation pt 1 1/3rd of all trees on earth burned up
Rev8:7 Tribulation pt 1 All green grass burnt up. This would include crops
Rev8:9 Tribulation pt 1 1/3 sea creatures die & 1/3 ships destroyed
Rev8:11 Tribulation pt 1 1/3 of the waters become wormwood
Rev6:6 Tribulation pt 1 Massive famines. A day’s wages for a day’s food ration
Rev6:8; Ez39:8 Tribulation pt 1 ¼ world’s population dies. App 1.8 billion people die
Ez38:16,23; 39:6,7 Tribulation pt 1 God is magnified, as a result of destroying the invading forces
Rev7:3­8 Tribulation pt 1 144,000 male, virgin Jews emerge. Many saved and persecuted
Ez16:49,50; 2Tim3:1­3; 1Tim4:1,2; Gen6:11,12; Mt24:12 Tribulation pt 1 Sin continues to increase. Hate abounds
Mt24:10 Tribulation pt 1 Those that become born again can expect to be betrayed
Dan7:23 Tribulation pt 1 The 4th kingdom, the 4th beast shall be devouring the world
Rev17:1­6,18;18:3­8 Tribulation pt 1 World religious system headquartered in Rome
Rev13:3 Near midst of trib. Antichrist killed by a weapon with a wound in the head
Near midst of Trib Antichrist comes back to life
Rev 11:3,4 Near midst of Trib Two witnesses of God appear. Elijah & perhaps Moses
2Thes2:4 Near midst of Trib Antichrist proclaims himself to be God. Moves into the Temple
Rev13:13­15 Near midst of Trib False prophet appears. Image of the beast made
Dan9:27;11:31; Mt24:15; Mk13:14. Midst of Trib 1260 days from end Abomination of desolation. Image put on wing of Temple
Mt24:15­18; Mk13:14; Lk21:21 1260 days from end Born again Jews told to flee immediately
Mt24:21 1260 days long Pt 2 of the Tribulation called the Great Tribulation
Rev13:15 Tribulation pt2 All that do not worship image should be killed (beheaded)
Rev13:17,18 Tribulation pt2 Must take mark or number of Antichrist’s name (666) or his name
Rev13:17,18 Tribulation pt2 If do not, cannot buy or sell
Rev13:7; Dan7:21,35; 8:24 Tribulation pt2 Antichrist rules the world. Destroys the saints
Rev9:3,4 Tribulation pt2 Locusts with stings like scorpions torment men 5 months
Rev17:16 Tribulation pt2 The great whore and Rome destroyed by fire
Rev16:2 Tribulation pt2 Grievous sores on those that had the mark
Rev16:3,4 Tribulation pt2 Sea as the blood of a dead man. Rivers, fountains become blood
Rev16:8,9 Tribulation pt2 Sun causes men to be scorched with heat
Rev16:10 Tribulation pt2 Darkness on the kingdom of the Antichrist. Much pain
Rev9:13­21;16:12 near end of Trib 200 million troops from the east. 1/3 mankind killed
Rev16:12 near end of Trib Euphrates dried up
Rev11:7­12 near end of Trib Two witnesses killed, but come back to life after 3½ days
Rev11:7­12 near end of Trib Two witnesses ascend up to heaven. Their ministry 1260 days
Rev10:1-10 near end of Trib The seven thunders
Rev10:6,7 Tribulation ends Time no longer. 1260 days from abomination
Joel2:1­10;3:2­15;Lk21:25,25;Zeph14:1,2;Isa13:4­10 +++ immed. after Trib Armageddon approaching. Armies gathered
Mt24:29 immed. after Trib Armageddon-immediately after the Tribulation
Rev8:1 immed. after Trib Silence in heaven
(Armageddon 2 parts. Pt 1 in the heavens, pt 2 on the earth)
Hundreds of verses. Rev16:13­21; 11:15,18,19; 19:19 immed. after Trib BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON.  24 hours long. World afraid
Rev19:11­17 immed. after Trib Jesus Christ returns with His saints.
Rev19:20;20:1 immed. after Trib Antichrist & false prophet cast into the lake of fire
Rev20:2,3 immed. after Trib Satan bound. Cast to pit. Seal on him. Can deceive no more
Rev8:5; 11:13,19; 16:18,21; Isa24:6; Jere25:32 immed. after Trib Christ uses the forces of nature to crush the world’s rebellion
Rev14:20 immed. after Trib; At Megiddo, blood abt 5 ft deep for about 160+ miles
Isa24:6; 10:19; 1:9; Mt24:22 immed. after Trib Few left alive on the earth
Mt25:31­46 Millennium Throne of His Glory judgment
Dan2:44; 7:13,14; Rev20:4 Millennium Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, reigns over all
Ez34:23,24 Millennium David is the shepherd and prince
Mt19:27,28; Rev20:6 Millennium Twelve apostles reign over the 12 tribes. Saints shall reign;
Isa65:25; 11:6-9 Millennium Wolf and lamb feed together. Lion shall eat straw
Ez36:35; Ro8:19-22 Millennium The desolate land like Eden. Curse removed from the land
Isa35:5 Millennium No deaf or blind
Zech8:4; Rev20:8 Millennium People live to be very, very old. Population as sand of the sea
Isa65:20,22; 60:14; 61:6;62:12; Mal3:12 Millennium World loves the Jew
Zech14:8; Joel3:18; Ez47:1­12 Millennium Healing waters to cure go forth from the Lord’s house
Rev20:3,7 Millennium Thousand years ends
Rev20:7­9 After Millennium Satan loosed for little season. He goes out to deceive the nations
Rev20:7­9 After Millennium The nations surround the camp of the saints and Jerusalem
Rev20:7­9 After Millennium Fire comes from God and destroys them
Rev20:10 After Millennium Satan cast into the lake of fire for ever and ever
Rev21:1; 20:11 After Millennium Old heaven and earth pass away
Rev20:11­15 + many verses Great White Throne Judgement. Judgement of the unsaved
Lk12:47,48 Unsaved beaten with few or many stripes
Rev20:11­15;21:8 Eternity Unsaved cast into the lake of fire for eternity
Rev21:1 Eternity New heaven and earth
Rev21:2,3,9­27; 22:1­6 Eternity New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven
Rev21:4 Eternity No more tears, death, sorrow, crying, or pain
Rev21:4 Eternity Former things pass away
Isa66:17; Ecc1:11 Eternity Memory erased
Many verses Eternity FOR EVER AND EVER